15 December, 2021
MacAdam Ellipse

David MacAdam (July 1910 – March 1998), American physicist, made important contributions to the field of color perception. One of his experiments —maybe the most famous— consisted of showing to different colors to a subject….

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06 April, 2017
Chromatic/color reproduction vs CRI

The concept of chromatic, or color, reproduction, refers to the way in which objects appear when they are lighted by a light source. In order to assess the quality of the result, there are at…

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18 February, 2016
History of ca2L

As it usually happens, the history of ca2L can be told in an extended version or in a brief, which we prefer in order not to bore you. Our company was born January 1, 1990…

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14 January, 2016
Our name, ca2L

People often ask us about our name, why it is so unconventional and, why not saying it, a bit difficult at first sight: ca2L. We take this occasion to tell you a bit about it….

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30 December, 2015
ca2L, since 1990.

This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary. 25 years devoted to light. A quarter century, easier said that done, but it has been an intense, passionate, and full-of-life period. There have been sweet and sour…

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24 November, 2015
Goal of this blog

With the opening of this blog, we want to welcome all our customers, suppliers, competitors, curious people, people related to the lighting sector, and friends who, for whatever reason, think they might enjoy it. This…

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