22 August, 2017
MacAdam Ellipse

David MacAdam (July 1910 – March 1998), American physicist, made important contributions to the field of color perception. One of his experiments —maybe the most famous— consisted of showing to different colors to a subject….

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16 June, 2017

Despite the big advances made on recent years, during the production process of LEDs, there are still some small variations that affect some of their features, optical as well as electrical. That’s the reason why…

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16 February, 2017
LED’s light efficiency vs. other sources’ efficiency

Luminous efficiency: ratio of the total luminous flux radiated to the power absorbed. Ever since its first appearance in the market, LED’s luminous efficiency has significantly increased. Today’s medium-level range products are 4 times more…

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31 January, 2017
How do LEDs work

Have you ever wondered why, when a bunch of electrons fly out of their orbit —thus  occupying a higher energy level inside the atom—, once they are back to their initial place due to the…

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