The importance of light, I: in life

We reflected for a while before writing and posting this text because, far from trying to offer a philosophical essay, we want it to serve as an introduction to our next post, The importance of light, II: in a project.

Obviously, natural light, daylight, is a source of life. Without light, life is not possible; it is very likely that, without light, animal and human life would not even exist. In fact, we believe that humankind’s greatest invention was fire. Fire as a source of heat, as a source of protection and, above all, as a source of light. Fire’s light allowed us to have longer days and, thus, to control our surroundings. And fire, strictly as light, emerges in Pre-history and lasts until Edison, only 137 years ago.

From the late 1800 to date, light sources have dramatically evolved and have been able to improve our comfort in a spectacular way: at home, at work, in leisure, and everywhere else.

Thus, we can affirm that artificial light has allowed us to work, to live, and, ultimately, to enjoy time periods that, otherwise, it would be impossible for us to take advantage of.

Still, we are fully aware –and it is scientifically proved– that natural light is a better option for most human activities than artificial light, health wise.

But, at the same time, it is also obvious that daylight lasts only for so many hours –and, in some spaces, not even that. That’s the reason why industry has developed a wide variety of options that allow us to light up all kind of areas, to achieve the most comfortable solutions depending on the needs of each room and the people that are going to enjoy it.

Thus, on the next post in our blog we are going to talk about The importance of light (II):  in a project.

ca2L Team.