Tickets · Bar 41º
The cuisine show.
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Interior designer
El Equipo Creativo - Oliver Schmidt, Natali Canas, Dani Rubio.
Pedro Pegenaute
Tickets · Bar 41º
The cuisine show.

To lighten such peculiar space and its drinking area, we contributed to give it a sassy atmosphere, a bit brazen, by using a mix of styles that, on its whole, recreates the stalls of an ancient fair and its food area. The lights have here a double purpose and become decoration.
We looked for a pleasant, good quality light, in order to reproduce accurately the colors of the served dishes, avoiding the excess of atmosphere light. The kitchen is treated as a workspace “on display”, with more intense light levels.
At the cocktail bar, Bar 41°, light recreates the typical atmosphere of this kind of places, pursuing the intimacy and complicity of semi-darkness.
The consumption minimization is achieved by using LED technology and by controlling the lights.