Our name, ca2L

People often ask us about our name, why it is so unconventional and, why not saying it, a bit difficult at first sight: ca2L. We take this occasion to tell you a bit about it.

25 years ago, when we decided to start this adventure and create our own firm, our project was not very ambitious, and our experience as business people, non-existent. We only knew the little we had learnt in our previous work experiences —and we must say that all of us, the founders, worked in the same company.

The first think we needed was a name, an original name, a name that would not sound like one of these ordinary names with light or lux on them: There were too many like these in the sector even then.

After some weeks thinking about it and assessing all kind of suggestions —some of them dramatic, ridiculous or squarely absurd— the father of two of the partners came with an idea: as we were three partners, two of them named Calero and the other one López, we could be named CA2L.

We liked it immediately. Even though we knew it was not the best name in the world, we were convinced by the fact that, most probably, nobody would have a similar name in our sector, and also, that would differentiate us. Besides, this would make the name-registration process very easy —which, of course, presented no problem at all.

However, things are never that easy. It was easy to register the name, yes, but to make our customers, suppliers, content advisors, friends and acquaintances, used to our name was very difficult. We could devote a whole post to the endless list of ways in which we have seen our name written, some of them quite funny: KA2L, KLL, CADOSELE, CALL, K2L… And, the most peculiar of them all, CALDOS (which means “broths” in Spanish).

But, the thing is, once people learn our name, they never forget it!

ca2L team

(We must add that, six months after we started doing business with the name ca2L, a fourth partner joined the firm, and his initials are PP… but we found it impossible to include them in the firm’s name.)