Light motivated: from pure chance to real passion

We could tell many stories to make you believe that our interest for lighting was something we felt already as kids. But the truth is different: it was pure chance.

The truth is, up until when we were twenty-something, none of us, the founders, were related to the lighting sector. And when the first of us started in this industry, it was selling light bulbs in the shops and assembling spotlights in a factory. We could say that, till then, no glamour at all.

But our world, the world of light, is a captivating one. During these 25 years we talked about it many times, and with many people, and there are very few professionals who abandon voluntarily the sector. This is what happened to us.

We started by pure chance in a neighborhood’s store because we had a friend who worked there. He sold light bulbs, but it could’ve been chairs, or even staple machines. But, little by little, we started getting interested: light sources, shades, light itself, luminaria’s design, architecture, atmosphere…

With each client, we learnt new things, with each different room, we enjoyed ourselves, and…, every time we finish an installation and see the result, we end up highly motivated to face up our following challenge.

We were lucky and took the right decisions to intervene in all kind of works: small, big, easy, difficult, and some of them really complex; a Barcelona flat, Gaudi’s Casa Batlló, the XX Human Rights Room in the UN Geneva headquarters, an airport, many restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc… The bottom line is clear: there’s no work equal to the other, all of them have their distinctive character, all of them teach you new things, all of them are projects different from the previous, and this makes our work always new, and never routine.

Light is subjective, light is life, light is passion.

ca2L team.