ca2L, since 1990.

This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

25 years devoted to light. A quarter century, easier said that done, but it has been an intense, passionate, and full-of-life period. There have been sweet and sour moments but, after all, they are 25 years that we feel grateful about.

When we decided to embark in this adventure, we didn’t know what was our destination. However, by keeping our dream alive, we have seen how, through the years, the world of lighting kept changing —even more than ourselves. We have seen technology merged completely into our world, especially on recent years, with the LEDs and the lights control. We have been through the financial crisis. Moreover, we are observing how the combination of all these elements causes a rethinking in our sector and, at the same time —we dare say—, in society as a whole.

We celebrate this anniversary with the opening a new stage, by introducing our new website and our blog, which we expect to share with you on a regular basis. This is a new phase full of energy (sustainable energy, ¡of course!), in which we want to contribute to the world of lighting, a world that seduced us right from the start —even before we created our own company. Moreover, it is a world that still moves us and allows us to make whole any space, any room. And this is our goal: to take each space a little further in comfort, functionality and beauty. In a word, to improve it.

We are grateful to all of you for helping us to get here, and we are happy to share this moment with you.

ca2L team